What are the types of property insurance? Mainly divided into three types

Nowadays, there are more and more news about property loss, so property insurance has become the focus of public attention. Many small partners are consulting with Mr. xicaijun about property loss. Many of them are asking about the types of property insurance. What are the types of property insurance? Let’s get to know about it with xicaijun.

What are the types of property insurance

Property insurance is mainly divided into tangible property insurance and intangible property insurance, but there are many subdivisions under these two types of property insurance. Next, I hope you will explain them in detail.

1、Property loss insurance

Property loss insurance is tangible property insurance, which is to protect the tangible property itself and related interests, because of the risk of loss caused by natural disasters or accidents. Property loss is also divided into enterprise property insurance, profit property insurance, family property insurance, transportation property insurance, cargo transportation insurance, engineering insurance, agricultural insurance and special risk insurance.

2、Liability insurance

One kind of intangible property insurance refers to the insurance company’s liability for name damage caused by the insured. Liability insurance can be divided into public liability insurance, third party liability insurance, product liability insurance, employer liability insurance, professional liability insurance, etc.

3、Credit guarantee insurance

It refers to the credit insurance that the insurer underwrites. According to the requirements of the obligee, the insurant who insures his own credit is the guarantee insurance; the insurant who the obligee requires the guarantor’s credit is the credit insurance. Including contract guarantee insurance, loyalty guarantee insurance, product guarantee insurance, commercial credit guarantee insurance, export credit insurance and investment (political risk) insurance.

This is all about the types of property insurance. I hope it can help you.

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